directed by alejandro gonzalez inarritu, babel looks very promising. i was a huge fan of amores perros, but i thought 21 grams was boring and contrived. babel, on the other hand, looks as exciting as amores perros was. in it's simplest terms, it's a story set in morocco, tunisia, mexico and japan, with all the action starting with a married couple on vacation. it looks like a story about being lost, not only within oneself, but also being lost in one's own linguistic limitations. despite us all being human, this inability to communicate with each other because of the limitations of language is an interesting thought. you can certainly see it daily, in the news, amongst your friends and neighbors. i mean, if we can't even communicate to our loved ones sometimes, how can we possibly communicate to others? to stop wars, to bring peace, to share in the commun human experience? it's a daungting thought.

anyway, here's the trailer. or better yet, go watch it here in quicktime.