george w. bush is a donkey

so george w. bush and hugo chavez, president of venezuela don't like each other. that much is plain. they're sort of like the political version of paris hilton and nichole richie. there are lots of charges on both sides, the most interesting of which come from chavez himself, who claimed the u.s. government not only knew of the coup that occured against his democratically elected government in 2002, but backed it as well. and all this didn't look very good when the coup actually occured, because while the rest of the world denounced the coup, the u.s. government, the defender of democracy in the free world, said nothing immediately. chavez, of course, no stranger to staging coups himself, really doesn't like bush, and i guess the sentiment is likewise.

a lot of stuff has happened since then, including a very un-christian call for the assassination of hugo chavez by the most righteous pat robertson, host of the 700 club, who basically said: "you know, i don't know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he [chavez] thinks we're trying to assassinate him, i think that we really ought to go ahead and do it." all of this is old news of course, but i stumbled onto some video that i guess has been around for a few weeks now on the internet, where chavez is officially calling george w. bush a "donkey." not only that, he calls bush by, what i can only assume is bush's upcoming marvel comics character name, "mr. danger." there's just something really bizarre about watching a grown man berate the television viewers about how much of a murdering donkey bush is. you know, instead of "mr. danger," i personally prefer, george "walker texas ranger" bush. but that would be a sleight to chuck "delta force" norris. after all, you have to respect a guy who's willing to get his ass kicked by bruce lee.

anyway, here's the clip. my favorite part is when he says "donkey" in english. good stuff.

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