new orleans

"george bush doesn't care about black people."

an emotional kanye west uttered those words a year ago after hurricane katrina came through and laid waste to new orleans. what has changed? not much. people are still waiting for help, mostly the poor, and as it turns out, a lot of black people. it is quite sickening to see that not much has changed since the hurricane. before katrina, the polulation was at around 480,000, but now there are about half that amount. because help is so slow in coming, people are unsure as to how many of those that left will come back. and the suggestion now is that the rebuilt new orleans, will be smaller, richer and whiter.

you know, in canada, the liberals collapsed last election because of, primarily, the sponsorship scandal which was basically the misappropriation of millions of tax payer dollars in a federal program that was to boost canada's profile in quebec after the shockingly close result of the 1995 separation referendum which saw 51% saying no, while 49% said yes to separation. canadians put up with a lot of b.s. for ten years of liberal rule, and this was the final straw. but americans... they're putting canadian patience to shame.

so you have this ongoing disaster in new orleans which you'd expect to happen in a developing nation, but instead, it is happening in the united states. the government royally screwed up. so there's this, there's iraq, there's the illegal wire tapping, there's the shady oil deals, there's the whole karl rove cia leak... and the list goes on. on top of that, there are still two more years of this left. if the republicans win the next election, something is more than rotton in denmark. but then again, sometimes the biggest barrier to the democrats winning elections, are the democrats themselves. they are currently suffering from a dramatic bout of gutlessness and a shockingly mind numbling lack of passion and desire. yes, it is a little better now, but not by much.

at any rate, the below video is from the guerrilla news network and it pretty much sums up the new orleans situation. it's a song based on kanye's rant and his single, gold digger. warning: foul language.

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