tucker carlson can dance!

who knew that tucker carlson can dance? as you may recall, he was the brain trust from the now defunct cnn's crossfire that called canadians retarded several months back. well, it appears that the post crossfire months have been somewhat dismal for poor mr. carlson. so much so that he has now resorted to appearing on abc's dancing with the stars, a reality show that features dancers partnered with d-listed celebrities. oh tucker, when will you learn? next thing you know, we'll see bill o'reilly on fox's celebrity duets singing, "hips don't lie" with shakira.

another celebrity on the same show is joey "woah" lawrence from the tv show blossom. you know, if i were joey, and i had spent my whole adult life tied to a one word catch phrase like "woah," i would be pretty pissed that i'm sharing the stage with tucker. i mean really, when you've gone through that kind of public torture, you've sort of earned some respect, right? maybe not. rest assured, there will be some of us retarded canadians watching mr. carlson, wishing him the best. break a leg, little buddy! break a leg.

for shits and giggles, i have added the video from my original post where george from the hour dukes it out with tucker.