now, i'm a huge fan of george stroumboulopoulos. he does smart jounalism and he makes it real and surprisingly hip. he's the perfect voice to get the younger generation interested in the world and in their own country. however, a little bit of the shine on this diamond was worn off when he decided, poorly, to take on hosting duties on abc's the one: making of a star. the show was terrible, and was yanked off the air after only two episodes. it was basically a singing competition like american idol, but set more in the format of rock star: supernova. the only difference, was that the contestants seemed to have been chosen more for their looks than their talent, and abc had no idea what they were doing. they hired george, in my opinion, to be the anti-seacrest. but then they put restrictions on him, such as making him take off his nosering. you may not think that's a big deal, but it is; believe me. that was just the begining of the bad things to come. and thankfully, it ended after only two episodes.

at any rate, i just wanted to show a few older clips of what george is capable of when you let the man do what he needs to do, which is smart interviews and some witty banter. these two clips are of him interviewing al gore a couple months ago. go to the hour's website, and watch george in action. there are plenty of great clips there, from music to politics and everything in between, which makes the hour such a great show.