okay, looks like something happened to me last night and i snapped. actually, it wasn't me snapping, but more like a slow revelation over the course of a half an hour trip on the skytrain. something just wasn't right with cooler than the millions, and i guess it all came to a head last night. i realized that all i had were a bunch of scenes, with no real cohesive narrative. so i've dumped the whole book save for the opening chapter, which in my mind, is still the best writing i've ever done. the rest was just shite. juevenile. i wanted a sophisticated political story, but what i got was something that just degraded into bits and pieces of violence and random politics. i think i actually revealed a few plot points way too early. it was a mess. that august 31st deadline is looking pretty crazy to me right now. we'll see how much i can get done.