war mongers

war in lebanon.

war in afghanistan.

war in iraq.

the middle east is erupting again.

the far east is about to erupt.

the world's only superpower, being either directly or indirectly responsible for most of these wars, is handicapped by a short-sighted, heartless, ignorant governent with a people blindsided by fear. all show and tell, this superpower is trapped in a war it cannot win. defeated, because it has betrayed its own ideals for the quick, bloody dollar. it is now unable to stop what is responsible for, and too weak to prevent what is coming.

today is a shameful day to be a part of the human race. it is even worse for the human beings who are actually being bombed. it is a good day if you are an employee of lockheed martin or shell.

yet tonight, on the way home, a woman was watering some plants. she saw me coming and turned off the hose, letting me pass. and as i did, she smiled at me. and i smiled back. and now i wonder how that's all supposed to fit. because maybe it's not supposed to fit at all. maybe it's just a moment, and i'm supposed to be grateful.

it's an interesting life when monsters live amongst you.