entourage, baby, entourage!

okay, so i've written about entourage a few times here and i just can't get enough of the show. especially since this third season is the best yet. this show has everything: great writing, awesome cast and lots of style. plus, it's on hbo, so there's less concern for censorship. money, fame, women, expensive cars... it's every guy's wet dream. it's really an adult show for men who really, in a way, don't want to grow up. but at the same time, it has lots of heart and the characters do step up to the plate when they have to in the name of family, friends and honor. the show really should be an hour long with a full 22 episode season, but hbo does things diferrently. the fewer the episodes does seem to guarantee the quality. just look at the dilution of lost. since i've always thought that "less is more," i can appreciate what they're doing. so now i'm going to pimp the show for no reason every week as new episodes come out. entourage alone is worth getting hbo for. if you don't have hbo, there are... let's say, other ways of getting the episodes. but that would be illegal. *cough* just make sure you eventually by the dvds.

last week's episode 28: three's company

this week's episode 29: strange days