cooler than the millions

writing this book, cooler than the millions, has become such a pain in the ass. it has become an albatross to me. everything i have written is just on the cusp of perfection, yet completely disasterous at the same time because of this inability to reach that plateau.

so my options are to give up or to attack it head on. i have set an arbitrary deadline for the first draft and that is the end of august. the last time i finished a book in two months, it was a 500 page piece of shit that made no sense, but hey, i've gotten to the point where i just don't care. i want this over with. and if it turns out that i can't finish a draft by the end of august, i will abandon the book and start on something completely different. a harlequin romance, perhaps.

i will eat, sleep and breathe this book untill i hammer out a draft. one way or another, something is going to happen.

oh... i almost forgot. this is post #100. jesus.

***update*** things are moving ahead of plans. since posting this yesterday, i have written lots and am about 40% done the book. i should be at the halfway point by the end of this week hopefully. everything has actually just fallen into place. it's amazing what can happen once you finally get fed up with things.