what's in your head?

i just got back from a friend's wedding. good times. here's what hit me this morning while sitting in my friend lisa's mother's home at 8 in the morning, waiting for the others to wake up...

guy: wait. stop. let me see you.

girl: what's in your head?

guy: i want you to stay like this. natural. naked. i don't want you to leave. i won't let you. i want this to keep. you're my prisoner.

... now, what this is for, i'm not quite sure, but my initial reaction is to use it for live acoustic (open fire). i can't use it for this is hardcore, that's for sure. the tone, the words... everything reflects the belief that these two characters care for each other. no one cares about anyone in this is hardcore, so obviously i can't use it there.

i've also been listening to a lot of "sad bastard" music lately. gets me in the mood to write live acoustic (open fire). the more i think about it, the more excited i am to write that over this is hardcore. but really, that's more due to the fact that i always get bored of current projects about two/thirds the way through and latch onto new things. perhaps tomorrow after some sleep i'll try another go at finishing this is hardcore.