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so it's a fresh new start. how do you like the new look? sexy!

so anyway, this is an attempt to compliment my publishing company, conquered nation press, but at the same time, distance myself from it. i figured even though my books tend to have lots of politics mixed into it, it was probably better to allow cnp to find its own image and voice, seeing as how there are three other people involved with cnp and even though we're all like-minded individuals, we're still individuals and cnp is supposed to be a unified voice. that means, my views may not necessarily be those of my fellow founders. on this site, i can say all the stupid things that i want, as well as promote my writing.

i've been fooling around with the template to try and make it as simple as possible, yet add pictures in the sidebar, so things may not be working quite right just yet. never fear. i'll eventually get it right. (this has got to be some of the ugliest html ever written, but hey, it works...)

so, now that we're all reaquainted, here's a little video for everyone to download. this is just too funny. it's like he says what we're all thinking!