music... makes the people... come together... yeah!

first off, i apoligize for quoting madonna.

secondly, i've come across two pieces of music that i find particularly interesting and inspiring. one is duran duran's "ordinary world" and the other is phil collins' "in the air tonight." i personally don't care for the '80s, but i don't mind the music every now and then, usually when i'm drunk at weddings or in bars. however, i really do like these two songs. "ordinary world" is sort of inspiring good things for i still love the bomb and "in the air tonight" is most assuredly gonna be used in this is hardcore, perhaps in the final scenes. the final scenes are incredibly clear and vivid to me, and i keep hearing the lyrics in the back of my mind.

music has been really good to me as of late. i usually listen to a lot of music when i write. i'm one of those writers that needs music to write. leonard cohen inspired much of desert sessions... an anti corporate love story... and queens of the stone age's song, "if only" was a huge influence on zero sum. in fact, the line, "if it gets you down, well just don't blame me..." pretty much defined zero sum. at any rate, back to trying to write. haven't been very successful as of the last month or so, but i'm not giving up on this is hardcore. so far, frank sinatra and a lot of the classic standard songs and singers has been much of the inspiration for this is hardcore... perhaps if i go back to some of that music, i can get rid of this goddamned block...

*** note: music to write by for this is hardcore: damien rice, black rebel motorcycle club, oasis, frank sinatra, ryan adams, paul oakenfold, alexi murdoch, the streets, and last but not least, death from above 1979. by the way, as of october 1st, the block is shattered! now let's finish this fucking book... ***

*** note: you know, while we're on the topic of music, i fucking hate pearl jam! they're my favorite band, but they're starting to piss me off. i want them to make a straight on rock album. just wall to tall rock 'n roll, but they will never do that cause they're better than that an it pisses me off. i just wanna rock, damn it! by the way, listening to lost dogs and loving it. fucking pearl jam. ***