the right and the wrong

so the right has been in a bit of trouble over the past few months. let's recount by starting off with tom delay, house gop leader, who has now been indicted on a conspiracy to violate u.s. state election laws in texas. this, coming on top of senate majority leader bill frist who is under a securities and exchange commission probe of his sale of shares just before a second-quarter report triggered a sharp decline in the price of the stock in the company his family started. you also have a federal grand jury in washington looking into the role of karl rove, president bush's top political adviser and current white house deputy chief of staff, who is accused of leaking the identification of cia operative, valerie plame, which just about makes him a traitor to his own country. there is also david safavian, a former top bush official in the office of management and budget, who was charged last week of obstructing a federal investigation and making false statements in his dealings with indicted lobbyist jack abramoff. and let's not forget ubber christian do-gooder, pat robertson, calling on the assassination of the venezuelan president, hugo chavez a few months back.

the point of all this is that the right, for the last eight years, has had control over the united states' political agenda. they have frequently talked about morals and the need to change the direction that the unites states has been heading on. the right seems to yearn for the america of the past, wanting to take things back to a time when television was tamer, when everyone was christian, when people, all in all, were better and moral. well, here's the kicker: you can't roll back time, and people fifty years ago weren't better, or more moral than people today. in fact, i'd say people are far more tolerant and understanding today than in the past. that being said, some of the major figures on the right are now being called on their hypocritical behaviours. if all these charges end up being true, you have a situation where the right had been advocating a moral and clean christian living for, well, ever, and now some of their major players are showing up to be nothing more than human. they are proving to be no better than the rest of us. that's the problem when you preach to people; you have to live by what you say, and the moment you step falsely, people will eat you alive, such as the criticism that was thrown down against pat robertson. i didn't know god condoned the assassination of a man who, really, has done nothing terribly wrong against the united states. he's said some bad things against the states, for sure, but you can't blame the guy when he was nearly ousted in a military coup and every country's government condoned the overthrow of his democratically elected government, except the haven of all democracy, the united states. i can see him being a little bitter about that. if he doesn't want to sell his oil to you, that doesn't mean it's okay to mark him for death. and speaking of what god wants, do you think he wants a war started over oil? (cough! cough! iraq!) c'mon... we all know that all god wants is for hip hop starts to win grammys and for the boston red sox to repeat.

and i'm not saying that i'm better than those charged or indicted on various crimes, and i'm not saying the left is any better in their swindlings, because let's face it, criminals and assholes come in every political stripe... You have a situation where one may be a corrupt manipulator, another may be a cheater, another may be a traitor, another may be liar, and the last has actually revealed himself to be a complete and utter hypocrite... all i'm saying, is that before you start preaching and accusing others of bad behaviour, you'd better look to your own friends and neighbors first.

welcome to the human race: we're all a bunch of fuck-ups at times. but that doesn't mean we're all going to hell.