rev. ted haggard vs himself

reverend ted haggard resigned last week as president of the national association of evangelicals, a block representing 30 million members. in the past, haggard had been demonizing homosexuality in washington and in his sermons, really taking it upon himself to help push hatred towards homosexuals. this, coming from a man who is supposed to teach tolerance and compassion. haggard resigned after a male prostitute said he had drug-fuelled homosexual trysts with him.

it just keeps getting better and better. haggard said he was just getting a massage, and that he did buy the methamphetamines, but never used them and just threw them away. this is, of course, the lamest excuse. it's like eddie murphy not knowing the prostitute in his car was a transvestite. haggard is yet another right wing political figure (and he is a political figure, just as much as he is a religious one) whose closet has effectively been cleaned out.

haggard is a gay basher. through and through. and now that he's been outed, it's hilarious, because his downfall is so deserved. not because he's gay, but because he spent so much of his time looking to politically enshrine his hatred of homosexuals, which as it turns out, really was the most intense of personal fears. fear of his true self, his homosexuality that he could not escape. the fact that god, his god, made him that way, and that he could not reconcile his true self with what he was taught to believe, is actually a plight that faces millions of people every day.

i have no sympathy for haggard, because what he's done over the years, has directly effected millions of people in the most negative of ways. there are teenagers right now whose lives are miserable because of the politics that haggard chose to play.

is it just me, or is being preached to by intolerant hypocrites getting old really fast? here's a sermon to all the holier than thou hypocrites: shut the fuck up.

of course, i'm not the only one that thinks this is hilarious. check out jon stewart's take on the whole issue: