some minor cosmetic changes to report. i have switched over to beta.blogger and it makes blogging a little more fool proof.

most of the changes are more internal, to do with the posting and template process, which basically makes it so that html is pointless for the most part. the major visual changes to the blog are:

- wider blogging body so there's not as much wasted space in the margins.
- archiving is set to cascade, and therefore easier to navigate.
- i was going to change the background of the blog, give it a black look, but i realized how suffocating it seemed. i figure keeping it white and clean helps give the view that it's open, while giving the maximum amount of information as possible.
- nifty picture header. it is a panoramic photo of the burrard street bridge in vancouver. it's my "hit and run" photo where if you look carefully, you'll see a crumpled version of me lying out on the road. hence, the hit and run motif that sort of represents my writing as well. (note of trivia: i almost got hit by a car trying to get that picture. lying out in the middle of the road in order to get the picture took ten seconds. ten seconds, i found out, feels like an eternity when you're playing chicken with a car. definitely not recommended. they say you get wiser as you get older. apparently not so true.)

the downsides:
- not as advanced or as intuitive as i would like. wordpress.org still has a lot of better functions. since google ownes blogger, and since they have a tendancy to try innovative things, i was hoping for something better. but i guess this will suffice for now.
- haloscan comment system doesn't seem to work for this beta version. hopefully in time haloscan will adapt to this. until then, we'll have to keep the current comment system. and somehow, although i know not how, i deleted all the previous comments by mistake.

while still on the note of change, there will be some major changes to my writing strategies which i will report in full in my next post.