the democrats have won the midterm elections, and there's a lot to be done, both domestically and internationally. one of the biggest domestic issues, i believe, as an outsider looking in, is the case for impeaching the president of the united states, george w. bush.

now i don't know if any impeachment effort will be successful, but the attempt has to be made. the reasons should be obvious. the most obvious, being iraq. whether the current administartion knowingly lied, or at best ommitted certain bits of information to convince the american people to accept the logic for going to war is still in question. but the reality is, you have a country which is no longer a country. iraq is breaking down into civil war, with most of the combatants being foreigners (both u.s. and "enemy combatants") and you have hundreds of soldiers and iraqi civilians dying every month. and why? because the president lied? beause halliburton needed a better financial quarter?

what president bush has done with iraq is at worst, criminal, and at best, a fraud. if bill clinton could be impeached for lying about getting a blowjob, surely president bush can be impeached for lying and starting a phony war that has, to date, resulted in the deaths of thousands of america's troops and innocent iraqi civilians.

what an impeachment, or at least an attempt at impeachment will do is to show that somewhere in america, there is at least a group of people who are serious about what this current president has done in the last six years, and that they don't agree with it. that they don't agree with abandoning the geneva conventions, or the legalization of torture, or the iraq war, or the abandonment of americans when they are in need (i.e.: katrina).

even if the impeachment is unsuccessful, it will show that a president, now matter what situation the country finds itself in, is not god. that the president may have all these powers, but he (or she) will have to think twice before using them, or abusing them, because the threat of impeachment is there. impeachment is the greatest defence the repubic has against an unlawful president.

i know i sound like a broken record, because i've been posting about impeachment for some time now, but i cannot stress it enough. a democratic win in the midterms is not enough. an attempt at impeachment will leave in historical record proof that the american people do not abide by what bush has done. because without it, it is an acceptance of the loss of habeas corpus. an acceptance of the iraq war. an acceptance of this president's policies. after all, as edmund burke once said, all that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.

in the end, there at least has to be an attempt. americans need to try. whether that is enough to salvage a battered and bruised national psyche and gain back international respect is unknown. but at least it's a start.