heroes redux

there is currently no show on television as good as heroes. period. the writing on the show is amazing. heroes has everything, from action to serious drama to humor to tragedy... it has it all.

the great thing about the writers of heroes, is that they know how to tell a story. they know how to keep the suspense, yet give you enough answers to keep you engrossed, awaiting the next big twist or surprise. does it get convoluted? sure, at times, but it gives you enough answers to satisfy. unlike another genre show that will remain un-named. (cough, cough! lost! cough, cough!)

there have been eleven episodes to date, and the show just keeps getting better and better. the characters are compelling, with each hero starting out from the most benign and ordinary of origins, to become something more, something special. and that's the beauty of the show. it taps into the desire in all of us, the belief that we were meant for something more than being ordinary. that we aren't insignificant, and we can affect change. do good.

or evil. the villains on heroes are equally, if not more interesting. they're not the black and white, cartoony villains one is used to in regular comics. they have some real depth to them, with one who seems truly evil, yet deep down inside only wants to save his daughter. and another, who is a serial muderer with the power to move objects at will. he began as a young man afraid of insignificance, just like many of the good guys. some of whom are colored by tragedy in their own origins.

i thought the show was great when i saw the pilot episode. now i think it's the best written show on television. it's gaining lots of popularity, with one of its characters, a japanese office worker named hiro, who can bend space and time at will, becoming a sort of pop cultural icon in the short three months the show has been on air.

the most recent episode, which involved the origin story of one of the main villains on the show, had me completely rivited. i cannot remember the last time i watched a television show that made me yell out and gasp at the screen.

do yourself a favor and watch the show. it's good for you. trust me.

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