i have just finished re-reading this is hardcore after not having touched it since i finished it, back in November. the good news is that it still holds up for me. it's still good, and i've only had to make a few minor changes. for the most part, that book pretty much came to me fully formed, and it shows. the book is tighter than my last, and definitely more accessible, even if the ending me be a bit bleak. the cover is shot and finished, and basically looks great. it's sexy and dark and i think fits the book perfectly.

so now that i'm pretty satisfied with this is hardcore, i can focus my attention completely on cooler than the millions. the other day, while out for a run, the ending came to me. well, not the exact ending, but the last sentance of the book. this is a good sign, because now that means i'm starting to work through my writer's block. these things usually only last for a few weeks at a time anyway, and i'm about ready for it to be over.

i also came to the conclusion that i am afraid that cooler than the millions will be big. usually i write books in the 200 page range, but i think this may be double that at least. this may not be a lot to some, but to me, that's a heck of a lot. i just feel really good about this one, unlike this is hardcore where i was unsure of why i was even writing it. i'm also in the process of reading adam's book, so that should be interesting. i'm only half a paragraph in so far, and it is already vastly different than my stuff. that is a good thing. there are a few things i still want to touch up on with this is hardcore, but once i'm done that, i can move on to reading adam's book.