men vs men

the thing that holds most men back from achieving greatness is themselves. most men have inferiority complexes. i really believe this. men need validation, to be told that what they're doing is important and makes a difference. it's why men are always beating their chests, competing against each other. i am just realizing that everything that i write, has to do with this in one way or another. and it's easy, i suppose, because i'm a guy who's got his own inferiority complex. but i'm working on mine. i've been actively working to reduce how much of a factory it plays into my every day life. this is no easy feat. men see the world in black and white, in wins and loses. at least i do, as do most of the guys that i know. you either win or you lose. everything is a competition. there is no second place for not getting the girl of your dreams. or if you want to talk about sports, who gives a shit if you come in second? history only remembers the victors.

i say this because cooler than the millions, though it is my political opus, like desert sessions, it is becoming quite personal. i find that i am basing whole characters on people that i know now. and, surprise surprise, the main theme that's coming through is not the politics, although it plays a huge part, but rather men and their complexes, which do factor in hugely into the political arena as well. you can't look at a guy like george w. bush and tell me he doesn't have an inferiority complex. that guy has a complex big enough to fill, well, texas.

i guess in the end, these complex's help men achieve. those that can overcome them do move onto greatness, while others, like most men, sort of wallow in mediocrity. coller than the millions will be about a man achieving greatness. don't worry, it's not gonna be a testosterone-filled romp. testosterone doesn't make a man. what makes a man is ultimately what he does. and cooler than the millions will be about that; what a man does. i know i'm looking at this like a typical male, but hey, i'm a guy, and very short sighted.

as for the feel of cooler than the millions, i've been listening to a heck of a lot of duran duran, interpol, joe cocker and corey hart. yes, i said it, corey fucking hart. that guys rocks the casbah like no one's business. i mean, c'mon... sunglasses at night, never surrender... i think i even managed to work in a corey hart joke into the book. i've long suspected that i had the pop sensibilities of a 16 year old girl. that's okay; i'm man enough to admit it.