oh, canada... *yawn*

so we're going to the polls. again. i can't help but feel incredibly bored by this whole election, and i find i really don't have too much to say. i suppose the big issue here, beyond the guns, beyond health care, beyond gay marriage, is the fact that the liberal party of canada is mired in the sponsorship scandal. but really... i don't give a shit.

i suppose it's because i'm so cynical about politics, and i am not surprised some people took cutbacks. it's not like this is the first time this has ever happened, or will happen. whenever i hear about people being shocked that something like this could happen, i just want to smack them. they are clearly idiots. clearly. people can be corrupt and immoral. since when is this news? and it's not like i'm condoning this behaviour. far from it. it's just that i can't seem to care too much about that issue. should the people who took cutbacks be punished? sure. i'm not disputing that. but then, so what? i'm waiting for names... real names. i want to see mp names on that list of the guilty. i don't care about the rest.

i guess the alternative is so unapealing. i have never been a fan of the conservative party, i'll be honest. i don't agree with their views on most social issues, and i don't particularly think their leader is... capable. not that i think paul martin is particularly capable, but at least i agree with the liberal party's social views. and i like the ndp, i really do, but for the most part, i don't feel they can be very realistic. idealism has its place, such as being a jolt of inspiration, but in terms of real politics, it just doesn't work too well. primarily because most of the world doesn't work that way.

that being said, i will be voting strategically. again. pretty much anything to keep the conservatives out of power. the conservative party has lots of potential to become progressive once more, especially with their younger deputy leader, peter mackay. the thing about life is that things evolve, things progress, whether you want it to or not. the trick is to roll with the punches, and this staunchy, former reform, former alliance, conservative party seems unable to do that. that is why they will never form a majority government in canada. until they learn to show some growth, the best they will be able to muster is a minority win. they are out of date, and out of touch with the average canadian.

i want another minority government. as tired as i am of voting again, i liked what happened in the last year and a half, and i want to see more of it. and if it is a conservative minority, at least they won't be able to screw much stuff up because the ndp and the bloc would never let them. you know, sometimes i wish i could vote bloc.