just a few things: i've been playing around with my new macbook and i have to say, it's pretty awesome. it's whisper quiet, looks amazing, and runs smoother than a nun on a slip and slide. gotta give it up to apple on this one.

okay, so this is messed up: i just realized that i cannot install the sony program on my mac so i can upload the songs to my sony mp3 player. hmm. interesting. sony, one of the biggest names in the industry, won't make their program compatible with macs. you can't see it, but there's a huge vein in my forehead that's throbbing right now.

options? a) do the unnatural and get windows running on the mac. b) continue with the freezer notebook. c) buy an ipod or alternative mp3 player that will ACTUALLY LET YOU UPLOAD ON A MAC!

wow, i never had a problem with sony up until now, even though they've done some pretty bs stuff before. i've always liked their products, their warranty is top notch and you can get their stuff serviced anywhere. yes, the sony sonicstage software is horrible, but i always got around its quirks. i also really do love their mp3 players, especially the new video mp3 player, but this is just too much. i had been planning on buying their new mp3 player once my 20g died, but it looks like i'll have to hold off on it.

for now though, i've shoved my notebook back in the freezer so i can upload some iron and wine. i want to kill someone right now. perhaps i can use this defense: you're honor, i had no choice. sony's proprietary bull shit made me do it.