californiaaaaaa, californiaaaaaa, here i come...!

so i will be taking a much needed and deserved three week vacation this friday. my friend and i will be heading down the coastline to the deepest south of california, possibly crossing over into mexico. we'll see. it's a road trip that i've been looking forward to all year. and it couldn't have come at a better time, as this is about the halfway point of the year, and a good a time as any to switch gears. with most of the past year behind me, there's only the future to look forward to.

at any rate, i won't be documenting the trip as thoroughly as i initially wanted to (didn't bother to purchase a camcorder), but i should have some good pictures that i will post on my panoramic blog when i return. i am leaving at an awkward time for my writing, however, considering how much of a roll i'd been on as of late, but hopefully the ideas will come fast and furious during the trip; they usually do.

as is my tradition with road trips, i will be taking along some steinbeck. this time, it will be his east of eden. i've always had a pretty deep connection to his books while traveling, so this time should be no exception.

it's been about a good fifteen or sixteen years since i'd been to california. just what do i plan on doing while i'm there? well, i basically intend on playing in the super mario 3 playoffs and schooling fred savage's retarded brother with the power glove. because i love the powerglove. it's so bad. first person to guess what movie that reference is from, gets a coke. long days, sunny beaches and roadside diners, here i come!