freezer notebook

gather around and i'll tell you a tale... monday night, i came home and turned on my laptop. it had been dying a very slow, grueling death for about six months now, and i suppose monday night was the end of it. i knew there was a massive problem with the fan and possibly the hard drive, but was in denial about it the way you pretend not to notice your hair is falling out, so i never backed up my work. stupid, stupid move.

so anyway, the computer would turn on for thirty seconds, the fan would go apeshit, sounding more like a turbine engine than a computer fan, then it would die. now, normally i don't really have anything too important, but my writing was on there, as were my personal photos for my photo blog. with regards to the writing, nothing of it was important, except one file, which was the novel i was working on. i had written some good stuff and i didn't want to lose it. well, i couldn't get the information off, because it would die before i could even upload anything onto an external hard drive or even onto gmail as storage. so i decided to leave it overnight. yesterday morning, i tried to turn it on, but again, it wouldn't. then something snapped inside my head. i swear to you, i thou
ght i heard something actually break in my skull. i punched the computer several times. a chunk of plastic flew off it. i still don't know what it is for. this of course didn't make the computer work any better.

so i bit the bullet and walked down to the local best buy and purchased a macbook. nothing too crazy, just the middle of the road one since i don't really have tonnes of money right now. it's a good thing i got refunded on my financial course by work, which helped pay for part of the computer. i was just sick of having to fix my computer all the time and i just wanted something stable, even if apple refuses to go green, and even though steve jobs needs a good curb stomping.

i am definitely no big apple fan; i hate the ipod, their commercials irritate me, i despise their warranty support (as a former warranty coordinator for an electronics company, i realized they had the worst support ever, for both business and customer support, which is why i went with the best buy warranty instead - seriously, what kind of company gives you a limit on technical support over the phone?) and apple always seemed too smug for my tastes. always a little too high and mighty. however... i have always been a fan of their macbooks, which is why i ended up buying one. i'm not above giving props when they're due, and while the ipod may be an over hyped scam and the iphone is even more of one, they make a good laptop.

so, back to my computer: i had to figure out how to get the info off my hard drive without paying a large sum of money for some technician to do it for me. i was also too lazy to do it myself. my friend chris told me i should put the computer in the fridge, as a means of keeping it cool long enough to get the info off the hard drive. so i went one step further and shoved it in the freezer. as we speak, my precious info is being downloaded onto an external hard drive, which is about two minutes away from being free. hey, as ludicrous as that sounds, you can't argue against results.

as they say: a picture is worth a thousand words...