heaping spoonful of shit

the conservative government in canada is claiming that in order to meet the kyoto protocols, they would have to manufacture a recession. they claim that it would result in the doubling of natural gas costs, electricity would rise 50%, gasoline would cost over $1.60 a litre, and 275,000 canadians would lose their jobs.

now, to be fair, there has been fear-mongering on both sides of the global warming debate, but the the difference is that global warming is a real and present danger. whereas the conservative number crunching seems manufactured. it reaks of greed and desperation and i'm calling bull shit on this one.

they're influencing the numbers by omitting all the benefits of a shift in business and political thought. they're omitting how many new jobs will be created by new industries, how the trend is to go towards green economics and how beneficial it would be for canada to be ahead of the curve, at the forefront of new and innovative technologies, not to mention all the benefits of real conservation if the government actually had the balls to enforce anything.

this whole scam reaks in a really bad way. the conservatives are not serious about global warming. what they fail to understand is that we'll eventually pay, both economically and environmentally; the longer we wait, the more we'll have to pay. it may hurt in the short run, but we'll be better off for it.

the conservative government is actually trying to get canadians to swallow this shit. and i'm not talking a little bit; i'm talking about heaping spoonfuls of it. open up and say "aaaahhhhhh...." mmm... you taste that? that tangy taste there was the corn you had last night, mixed in with your intelligence and common sense. eat it.