entourage: a lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste

entourage is back, and it couldn't have been at a better time. well, actually, they could have given it to us six months ago, but that's a minor complaint now that the premier of the second half of the third season is happening on april 8th at 10 pm.

for those of you who have been living under a rock, entourage is about four friends making their lives in hollywood, dealing with expensive clothes, expensive women, and fame. the first half of season 3 ended six months ago on a cliff hanger, with super agent ari gold being fired. then the show went into hiatus with the intent of airing right after the sopranos, which is in its final season. the reason for doing this was presumably to give entourage a boost in ratings and viewership, and since the sopranos is the last of hbo's flagship shows to sail off into the horizon, hbo is sort of hurting for material. the channel once applauded for original television is now suffering a bit of a lull. in order to return to glory, hbo will have to start taking more chances again, really push the envelope, considering regular networks like nbc are already doing it with shows like heroes, which, by the way, is the second best show on tv.

the good news is that entourage is better than ever. and according to the advanced previews, it looks like they've kept the show just as amazing as ever, full of beautiful girls, witty writing, and still no real responsibility, the show is every guy's wet dream. despite it being very much a guy's show, i've yet to come across a woman who doesn't love it also.

fame. it's more fun with your friends.

season 3 sneak preview:

season 3 backstage footage of vince's birthday: