get your fat ass off the couch

get ready to kiss your ass goodbye. at least, if you're a realist, that's what it's going to come down to. i'm not talking about the glass being half full or even half empty. i'm talking about how once you drink what's left in the glass... there's no more.

global warming is something that i've been rambling about for a while now and will most likely not cease. after all, it is such a well of inspiration... at leat until the gamma rays scorch the earth and turn every single human being into burnt toast. spring break in december? why not? it's hot out and the girls wear less. it's a win, win situation, yes?

sure, i may be using hyperbole, but global warming is a serious threat. but is it so serious that only the government can stop it? the following is a clip from last friday's bill maher. i have to say that i do agree with maher when it comes to the government. only the government will be able to fix this and that will only happen when the people force them to. it's all about the power of the people. now, if only we can get our fat asses off the couch.