she's having a baby!

i'm putting aside the politics and the writing and the general trite for this rare occasion to announce something very personal, which is the announcement of a new addition to this crazy world. my good friends cara and drew are expecting their first child, due sometime in september!

congratulations! dear blondie-bear is all growed up! now she has to children two take care of! at any rate, that is going to be one good looking baby! (wow, that' s a lot of exclamation points. obviously too many to be considered legal.) anyhow, after speaking with the expecting parents of this coming love-child, i have officially put my name into the hat for baby names. loring is french, a variation from lorraine, and it means famous in war. they don't know what gender the child is yet, (i'm betting it's a boy) but i figure my name would be perfect for any boy or girl who can be expected to achieve greatness. (notice how i turned such a joyous occasion to somehow include myself? yes, i am that selfish sometimes.)

i'm actually still not fully comprehending any of this yet. i'll need some more time to digest this. you can follow the progress of the birth at cara and drew's blog, monkey business. it will be refreshing to have a bright-eyed, innocent soul around. you know, before the weight of the world crushes it and turns it into just another bitter, miserable human being.

i'm joking of course (not really). have a good one, cara and drew! here's to hoping they don't end up being a stripper or a politician. it's a fine line that one. cara and drew: this is your life!