the butler did it

khalid sheikh mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the sept. 11 attacks on the united states confessed to those attacks and to personally executing american journalist daniel pearl, according to a revised transcript released thursday by the u.s. military. there are suggestions that his confession was taken under torture, that this just seems too good to be true. certainly, it makes him out to be what the media and the bush administration had dubbed him to be: the mastermind, which makes him seem like the lovechild of dr. claw and the emperor from star wars.

i do think the questions about how the confession was taken are important, because let's face it; when it comes to torture, the bush administration loses all sorts of credibility. these questions are also important if mohammed does in fact implicate others. but i also wouldn't put it past the guy to just admit to it all. after all, he's going to die. certainly the united states government won't let him walk, and with a former texas governor in power, the death penalty seems certain. so if you were mohammed... why not confess to it all?

if you're going to go out, why not go out big with a bang? why not admit to it all and become the martyr? it seems to make sense. we'll see how it develops though. wouldn't it be interesting if weeks later, mohammed all of a sudden changes his mind and claims he was tortured? those fireworks should be interesting. i can already see it now: human rights groups will be demonized as sympathisers, and the administration, as always, will deny that gravity exists if you know what i mean.