oops, i did it again.

white house aide i. lewis ``scooter'' libby was found guilty tuesday on four felony counts of lying about his role in exposing undercover cia officer valerie plame. he could face up to 30 years in prison. scooter was just one part, one cog in the bush administration's machine that frequently attempted to steamroll over anyone and everyone in an attempt to keep the lies going. he should go to jail. but he might not. we'll see what happens to him in the near future.

his guilty conviction is good news, of course, but what is ridiculous is fox news and their handling of the guilty verdict. below, you will see a screen shot thanks to daily kos that shows in the written prompt that scooter was found not guilty. this isn't the first "mistake" they've made. months ago when the mark foley scandal broke (he was the republican congressman who was caught sending sexually inappropriate messages to a congressional page), fox news reported in the text that foley was a democrat and not a republican.

now i know mistakes can be made. i know multiple mistakes can be made. but in this case, i believe fox news knows exactly what they're doing. it may not matter in the long run, but by making these convenient mistakes, they're sowing the seeds of doubt, no matter how small, despite what the facts say. actually, it's not doubt they're spreading, it's outright lies. it's dishonest, and intellectually underhanded. but then, i shouldn't be too surprised, now should i? after all, we're talking about the news agency that trademarked "fair and balanced." it's like saying the earth is flat. you can say it as many times as you want, you can trademark it even, but that don't make it fucking so.

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