george w. bush is the devil

chavez just won't quit. he's looking more and more like a baffoon as he keeps calling bush "the devil." he's also called on bush to resign now. it should be noted that when you criticize or make fun of bush, it should be easy, like fishing with dynamite, but chavez's over-the-top remarks just makes him look bad. plus, it doesn't help that chavez isn't the most ideal of human beings either. in the end, i suppose nobody is as good as making fun of bush, as bush himself, which he so admirably does by just existing.

still, it's kind of fun watching chavez go off. i think we should have bush and chavez do a sort of "rap off" like in 8 mile. chavez could make his anti-christ remarks and bush can retaliate by saying chavez is full of "phony numbers." i think it'd be great.

here's the daily show's take on chavez and his growing lunacy:

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