countdown with keith olbermann

keith olbermann is a pretty intelligent guy with some pretty intelligent things to say. sometimes he tends to get a bit preachy, and he likes to use his extensive vocabulary. he comes across as a bit of an elitist, but at the same time, he's got this sort of home-grown comedian charm to him that makes him down-to-earth. he is often times compelling, and the interviews he gives are always insightful. you know, i never thought i'd say that about any american news anchor (at least not in this day and age).

at any rate, his show, countdown with keith olbermann is interesting, especially when he makes barbs at his bestest buddy, bill o'reilly. here, he's discussing donald rumsfeld's comment about how those who criticize the government over iraq are nothing but a bunch of appeasers. oh rummy! has it really sunk to this? well if that's the case, tattoo me neville and spank me silly. check out the vid:

the second video is an older one of keith smacking down ann coulter. gotta love it.