fact and fiction: what's the point?

no link between saddam and al qaeda. no connection between saddam and 9/11. no weapons of mass destruction. not even any sign that any weapons program was in place, because the first gulf war and the sanctions destroyed saddam's capabiliites. we know this, because the republican guard ran when the united states went into baghdad. despite all this knowledge, depsite all the facts, cheney still insists he would do the exact same thing. there really is no more line between "rhetoric and reality," and it is clear now that logic and rational no longer matter to this administration. this administration has lied to the american people, to the world, for one single purpose: to stay in power.

the following link is cheney being interviewed on meet the press on sept 10th, 2006, where he admits that he would do the exact same thing, that going into iraq was the best thing to do. notice how he doesn't deny that saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 (bush already admitted that, which was one of the main accusations prior to the war). instead, cheney keeps pushing how terrible a man saddam is and that the world is safer without him.
and cheney still makes reference to weapons of mass destruction, despite all the facts that say otherwise. look, no one is denying that saddam was a bad man; but they didn't go into iraq just because saddam was a bad man. if that were the case, the americans would have to wage war with half the world.

at this point, it's outright delusion, or lying. neither is acceptable when it comes to leading a nation. the fact that the iraq war was clearly a mistake, that it was a war based on, at worst, lies, or at best, exaggeration, and the fact that cheney would do it all over again, is astounding in its sheer stupidity. dick cheney really does live up to his name.