so i've been writing a bit more on revolutionaries wanted and i've come to the conclusion that it will be an extension of desert sessions. not to say that it will be the same, on the contrary, it will be the political book that desert sessions didn't end up being. to clarify, when i started writing desert sessions, it was actually called platform and it was intended to be a very political in-your-face book. well, the problem was, i didn't really have anything too solid to write on, so the book then morphed into a very personal book that ended up being the monster that desert sessions is today.

revolutionaries wanted on the other hand, will take off pretty much where the other book left off, politically speaking. as mentioned in the previous post, i am feeling in a very vicious mood, and the book has already started off pretty vicious, and i fear, will only get worse as things start to piss me off more and more. writing while angry, much like writing while under the influence, or any influence for that matter, is always bad for me. so i've got to learn to step away from my writing in order to prevent myself from infusing too much overt emotion into the book. it's gonna be nasty and grizzly.

at any rate, i have not yet "broken" the book. and by broken, i mean that there comes a moment when, after weeks of pondering, i suddenly crack the book wide open, and i can start writing as a flood of ideas just come pouring out. so far, that hasn't happened. i am still stuck on some of the major plot points, as well as the ending. as it is, the book is just a string of ideas and scenes. i have a feeling i won't break this book until the spring time.