revolutionaries no more

something just hit me. it's a revelation that has sort of fucked things up for me, but in a good way. and by fucking up, i mean fucking up revolutionaries wanted. revolutionaries wanted is no more. at least not in its original incarnation. something came about when i was admiring how much i loved digital film. just how it looked, how grainy it was, how undeniably cool, visually that is, it looked. the movies that came to mind were 28 days later, collateral, and the upcoming Michael Mann reworking of the cheezy 80's show, miami vice, which actually looks really fucking good for a hollywood blockbuster.

i just loved how those movies looked and felt, and i've decided to try to capture that feel. that icy tone. it's what i want, more than anything at this point. so revolutionaries wanted, a political book that was supposed to be underground and grim and vicious, has now morphed into... get ready for this... cooler than, a book which will be just as political, but completely icy and grainy white and cold. each part of the book will have a colour theme - the first being white, and the second being blue. i can't believe i haven't stumbled upon this earlier. it just makes sense. the wintermen... the politics... the short, simple prose... it was all just working together, one by one, to slowly reveal itself, and i believe the whole picture has revealed itself to me. i just love it when a plan comes together.

this is the first time that i have changed the title to a book. i have never done that. i always start with the title first, then the rest. this is a first. and i believe that cooler than will be my best book yet. this is hardcore was head and shoulders above desert sessions in terms of story telling. cooler than will seek to combine the story telling of the first, with the ideas of the latter.

it has also occurred to me that i've been talking too much about the details of this new book. so for the sake of the story, there will pretty much be a blackout on any news on cooler than. that's not to say that i won't update this site with snippets of the book. stay tuned...