hollywood hoopla

i told myself i wouldn't be a part of the celebrity circus that is hollywood, but i just can't help myself this time. paris hilton is going back to jail. she had spent a couple of days in jail, then managed to work out a deal with the l.a. sheriff's office to fulfill the remainder of her sentence at home with an electronic monitoring device based on an unexplained "medical condition." (ahem... since when is crying a medical condition?) but then the judge michael sauer ordered her back to jail, insistent that she carry out the original sentence he issued, which was a 45 day jail term.

paris hilton is the embodiment of the worst of celebrity worship. she does nothing, produces nothing, contributes nothing... yet she is a celebrity somehow that some girls, unfortunately, look up to and aspire to. i suppose you could blame her for the rash of "dumb" girls lately; meaning smart young girls purposely behaving idiotic and being proud of being stupid. she is a sycophantic media whore who, ironically, is now being paraded around handcuffed and in tears in front of the same media that made her a celebrity.

my only fear is that she will probably serve out her sentence, then sell her story for a nice hefty sum and write some silly tell all book about her "ordeal." now, i am not a class warrior, nor do i particularly care about the rich and their predilections. however, her mere presence is a pox on society; the worst kind of low level celebrity peon. regardless, whatever happens two months from now, this one picture of her bawling is worth it. i'm not a person who usually takes pleasure in other people's misery, but i'll take exception this one time.

some people say she's not being treated fairly. that the average norm for someone who has committed the crime she has would have had to only endure 10% of her sentance. it's as if she's being singled out for being paris. well, at this point, it's not about being fair: it's about how funny it is. three words: eat it, paris.