hitchens vs falwell

jerry falwell is dead. now you're probably one of two people in the world: either the kind that prays for falwell's safe passage into the gates of heaven, or the other kind, that has no problems kicking him when he's down.

i am of the latter type. i have no problems kicking falwell when he's down, because let's face it, he kicked everyone that didn't believe what he believed when they were down. this is the man who spent every waking moment of his life stealing the money of believers under the guise of religion and faith. this is the man who contributed to the misery of millions of people's lives, basically those that did not follow him or contribute to him. this is the man who said that the 9/11 attacks happened because of pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and the a.c.l.u.

his "legacy," if there is such a thing, is not to be celebrated. in fact, it is to be dismantled and deconstructed for what it is: a thievery corporation.

christopher hitchens, author of the book, god is not great: how religions poisons everything, certainly sees falwell for who he was. hitchens holds no punches:

and on a lighter note, here's bill maher's take on the dearly departed: