al gore

al gore lost the presidential election six years ago, and america has not been the same since. more specifically, the office of the president has never seemed more dictatorial and short sighted as it does today. it's nice to think of all the things that could have been had gore won the 2000 election. the truth is, he lost, and he had only himself to blame. he was coming off of one of the most prosperous times in american history, a time when domestically and internationally america was still respected. it was his election to lose. and he did that. gore lost his home state of tennessee, which he represented for so many years in congress. if he had won tennessee, florida and all the chads in that woe begotten state, win or lose, would not have mattered.

but that's the past. this is the present, and people have been clamouring for months now for gore to join the presidential race. many believe that if he does, he can not only win the democratic nomination, but the office of the president itself. if there was any time for gore to come back, it's now. he's coming off the popularity of the inconvenient truth. he was right about global warming, he was ahead of the curve on the iraq war - the guy looks like a forward thinking genius.

and look at this competition: as much as i'd like to have faith in people, i don't know whether americans are ready yet to elect its first black or female president, especially when one is hampered with inexperience and the other is, well, hilary clinton. and with regards to the republicans, the competition is even sillier. john mccain has lost all credibility on account of being crazy, rudy giuliani is basically running on what kind of a bold leader he was after 9/11, when he was pretty much a non-entity before then, and mitt romney is basically a joke. that guy doesn't know the truth from his own asshole, because it seems the truth is whatever he says at any particular time. the only republican with any decency is ron paul, who won't win because he has no money and he says truthful but hurtful things that piss people off, like suggesting that perhaps america should look within itself to find what it is that people hate so much about it.

the conditions for him to win are there. people are frustrated and angry about the war, about the current president, about all the corruption and incompetence of their government, and now they're pissed at the democrats, who last week lived up to what they've feared all along by giving into george bush's war funding: they're a bunch of pussies. it's time for someone who has integrity, credibility, intelligence and the foresight to take america and, let's face it, the world into a new direction, because whichever way the world's only superpower leans, the rest of the world leans that way too whether intentional or not. there also a lot of support out there, with several grassroots campaigns that aim at "drafting" al gore for the presidency.

but al gore will not run. he's a movie star now, and basically, he's found his calling: fighting global warming. plus, i think he's a little afraid. and who wouldn't be? no one wants to fail at the same thing twice, especially when the second time around seems just as likely as the first time that he should win. like a man burned one too many times at the poker table, he opts to take the safe move and build his legacy around the greening of the world, as opposed to two failed presidential bids. still, if he did ever run and win, it would not only be a second chance for him, but one for america also. sort of a do-over of the last six years, if you will. how poetic would that be? how very american would that be? to right the wrongs that happened in 2000... you can't write a better plot than that.