bill maher: he's back.

bill maher is back with yet another arresting season of real time with bill maher. the discussions are always interesting because you never get the exact same guests every time, and the topics are always the most current and interesting of political issues. i find the following clip particularly amusing, considering it is regarding religion in politics. the touch off is about a mormon politician, but maher is trying to encompass a broader discussion with regards to religion and rational thought as opposing forces. i don't think he frames the discussion very well, but it's an interesting discussion anyway. late night host craig ferguson is pretty funny in this.

i'm not always on the same page with maher, because sometimes i think he can be completely off the map, so much that sometimes i barely recognize if he's playing the same game as everyone else. but on religion he and i can agree: "they're all crazy." however, i don't have as negative a view of religion as he does, because i believe it can help some people. i mean really, whatever helps you get by.

on a related note: atheists are the least trusted to run for the presidency. (thanks to onegoodmove.org for posting this.) it's as if being an atheist means you're not trustworthy or somehow without morals, which is obviously not true. atheists are just people who have a different set of beliefs, like reason and logic and evolution instead of, let's say, resurrection from the dead or flying spaghetti monsters.