american fascists

chris hedges, the pulitzer prize winning writer and author of american fascists stopped by the hour to discuss his latest release. the former new york times correspondent compares the u.s. christian right to 20th century fascism.

hedges, a son of a preacher, has a deep knowledge of the bible which he uses to openly blast the role of christianity in politics. to be fair, he is not targeting the religion or christians in general; more along the lines of a certain group that has twisted the message of the bible, and polluted it with american capitalism and imperialism. he lambastes creationism and the inherent intolerance of this fanatical breed of christianity that flies in the face of what seems to be all logic and reason and science, intellectual free thought, as well as simple genuine human compassion.

what makes his point of view so interesting is the fact that he is a believer, he is someone who is religious. he makes some very interesting points, like how many people who are victims of economic circumstances tend to fall prey to fascist tactics and ideas.

a very interesting interview all in all, and i must say, hedges doesn't pull any punches, nor does he even remotely try to mask or play down his obvious passion and anger regarding the issue. i have to say, that i can't blame him. the people that hedges targets in his book are attempting to enforce a one-sided, backwards, intolerant view of the world. this type of fanatical right wing ideology believes that christianity makes right the way might makes right. and that is infinitely disturbing.