census 2006

i just completed my first ever census. exciting. no, not really. the questions were pretty boring. i've filled out questionaires at the doctor's office that were more exciting. they didn't even ask me if i were religious or if i were gay. that's too bad. i wanted to lie. they asked me bizarre questions like if i ever was a farm operator and if i ever produced an agricultural product. the best question was at the end of the census when they asked for permission to release the information i just provided to them 92 years from the date of this 2006 census. at first i was against it, but then i realized, 92 years later, i'll be dust and ash so really, what do i care?

seriously though, i answered the questions truthfully. i feel like such a good canadian citizen. i guess i'm a typical canadian that way: i get excited over being law biding.