the 1 second film

the 1 second film is a short film comprised of 24 frames of artwork in one second of film. then, there is a 90 minute long list of credits of all those who helped make the film come to life, as well as a making-of documentary. this is ubsurd, of course, but awesome. you can actually become an associate producer of the movie if you send them $1. you'll get your name in the credits and everything. this is basically, the most elaborate get-rich-quick scam in the world, or the best idea ever.

all kidding aside, proceeds go to the global fund for women. once they add your name to the list of producers, you can then get your name up on imdb.com, which is swell.

i've already put my $1 in, so i'll get to see my name up on the big screen finally! my 2 minute life-long goal will be realized! i also asked them to add my publishing company, conquered nation press to it as a weblink, which will be cool.

below is a short clip of the film's creators hitting up celebrities for $1 donations.