popularity contest

hmmm... sometimes i wonder who exactly is visiting this blog and what they're thinking, because no one really posts on here. perhaps i should change up my material. perhaps instead of blabbing on and on about writing and politics, i should try talking about paris hilton or the o.c.

or perhaps i should just inject more politics into this site and less writing, because political blogs do pretty well, like terrorism news. i think that's what i'll do... more politics. now, i just have to feel like getting my ass in gear... but then, paris is pretty easy, don't you think? or maybe brangelina? oh, the possibilities! and to think, we get this and the kids in the congo get to decide which of their friends they get to cannibalize first. ah, making genocidal tribal war jokes in relation to one-dimensional pop cultural icons. too much? this, is precicely why i love living in canada.

ps: i bet you forgot about the congo, right? this year's congo is the ukraine (yeah, that's right. it's all about AIDS), which was all about darfur last year, which was all about iraq before and about kosovo and sierra leone and somalia and michael jackson... michael jackson? where did that come from? i mean really, it will
always be about michael jackson. even when it's not about michael jackson, it's about michael jackson. for me, michael jackson has become a bit of a coping mechanism for all the harhness of reality. i mean, all you have to do is say his name and you end up giggling. think of rwanda... now think of michael jackson. see? now that's turning a frown upside down.