soundtrack to our lives...

whenever i write, i always listen to music. it's probably my number one inspiration during the actual process of writing. i like silence when i'm editing, but when i write, i like the music to be loud and quite excessive. writing cooler than the millions has been a real kick, just because i've been listening to lots of great music. i've listed some of the songs that i've been listening to. do yourselves a favour and click on the hyperlinks to enjoy. (WARNING: you may feel an inexplicable desire to put on your dancing shoes.) here's the soundtrack to cooler than the millions...

new order's "krafty"

arctic monkeys' "dancing shoes"

duran duran's, "ordinary world"

alexi murdoch's "orange sky"

joe cocker's "feelin' alright"

corey hart's "sunglasses at night"

the killers' "smile like you mean it"

interpol's "next exit"

bruce springsteen's "maria's bed"

the streets' "blinded by the lights"

iron and wine's "such great heights"

damien rice's "woman like a man"

death from above's "blood on our hands"