cooler than the millions

so i've been doing a lot of writing on my latest book, cooler than the millions. i haven't written any pages or anything, but i've been getting lots of ideas down on paper. mostly bits of dialogue here and there. also some brief scene descriptions. it really is quite a joy to see how everything is shaping up. the book has changed so much since i first started thinking about it. it's quite a surprise, seeing as how i've probably only written about five pages of actual writing in total. this is my favorite part of writing: the struggle. sure, it's frustrating, and sure it makes you pull your hair out, but when you get those ideas, those good ideas that slip through the cracks, it slowly becomes completely worth it, because those litle gems can give you so much pleasure. anyway, i have thought up the back cover synopsis. this, of course, is subject to change as the book evolves, but never-the-less here it is:

losing is easy. john has found that out. to lose yourself, to lose your beliefs, to lose your place… it’s easy. finding your way back is the hard part. especially when everyone seems to conspire against you, like your friends and neighbours… all of them your rivals. john is also finding this out.

and what happens when you actually lose someone important? like your girlfriend? if she were to just disapear one day? would you have it in yourself to find her? what is one life compared to all the others?

this is about the measure of a person’s worth. this is about growth. this is about identity. this is about pop orgies. this is about being cooler than the millions.