photo ops

okay, so the latest news is that i purchased a new digital camera, the panasonic dmc-fz5. i needed a camera that took high resolution photos for the covers of our books. a cover sometimes can make or break a book, so it is important to take really good, sharp pictures. blood stone press informed me that the pictures should really be about 300 ppi in order for the covers to turn out well. so i went and bought this camera, for a pretty low price too. helps that i work at a retail store and that we were blowing out the cameras in order to make way for newer models. based on recommendations from various people and sources, and based on the physical evidence, i opted for the panasonic. i could have gotten a canon that took similar photos, but then you're paying near double the price. and since i probably won't use the camera for anything other than the covers, i figured paying a grand for a similar camera wasn't worth it. so now i'm really excited to use the camera. the first cover i will be shooting is the re-shoot to this is hardcore. the model wasn't too impressed with some of the photos i took of her the first time around, so this time, we're gonna do it right. my old fuji just didn't do the trick, so with this new panasonic, i'm hoping i can capture in great detail all the emotion and beauty that the model will portray in the pictures.

as for this is hardcore, i am in the process of editing it. adam has already read it and liked it, and caroline is in the process of reading it. however, my focus is primarily on revolutionaries wanted. i've already got some awesome ideas for how i want this book to be written. for the first time in a while, this book will be completely written in the third person perspective. i've grown accustomed to the first person, and while i dabbled a bit with it in this is hardcore, i will going full on with it this time around. perspective is really important, and i couldn't think of a way for me to write it in the first person. it just didn't feel right. the final product should be quite different from my previous outings. the good thing is that i have now developed a style of my own. when adam finished reading this is hardcore, he said that it isn't desert sessions, but it's still a loring kim book. that's probably the best comment that i've ever heard about my writing.

also, if you google the words, conquered nation press, you'll see that we're number one! that's pretty exciting. I will also be putting updates from revolutionaries wanted up on the site on a semi-regular basis, so keep your eyes open.