joseph arthur and everything else

joseph arthur has a new album out called nuclear daydream. it's basically his post-katrina album the way our shadows will remain was his post-9/11 album. i'm finding that more and more joseph arthur is finding his way into my play list on a more consistent basis, mostly because his song writing ability and musical sensibilities just keep growing on me. his song, in the sun, which i've blogged about before, is still one of my favorites of all time.

he keeps evolving with each album, coming up with new and interesting songs while still maintaining the core what what makes his music so great and recognizable, even though he is one of the least known great song writers of our time. in my opinion anyway, but also in many other critical opinions. but we all know the critics are for shit. the only thing that matters is the art and what it means to the individual. that being said, i'm still on the fence as to what i think about nuclear daydream. i can't tell if it is just amazing, or just okay.

as i write giants, joseph arthur has played a huge part in getting me into my creative headspace. there has been a lot of other music that i've been listening to that has been working really well for me. for instance, today i wrote 780 words and it only took me eight hours to do it. (that's actually a lot considering how little i've been writing as of late. trust me.)

so with this blog entry, i'm going to just entertain all five of you with some of the music i've been addicted to. we'll start off with none other than joseph arthur. here's a video from his previous album, our shadows will remain called can't exist.

next up: black rebel motorcycle club. now, these guys i wasn't too impressed with in their early days of oasis-style wall of sound nonsense. but then, all of a sudden, they went all rockin' roll blues with their latest album, howl, which i think is a absolutely amazing. here's the single, weight of the world.

interpol. what can i say? i love this band. i wasn't a fan of their first album, but antics is a winner. here's evil.

been getting more and more into bruce springsteen as of late. his last album, devils and dust, is pretty good. here's the title song.