transformers were my favorite toy growing up, and the transformers movie was such a milestone in my childhood development. watching my favorite transformers die within the first ten minutes of the movie was very traumatic for me.

and now there is a live action movie and i cannot wait. it is being directed by michael bay, which sort of makes me want to throw up considering the bile he's put to screen over the last ten years, but the one thing i do know, is that he can do large, action filled movies. and that's all i expect. i don't expect a good story or great character development. all i care about is awesome robot fighting. if there is a good story and great characters, that's all just bonus for me. simply put, i want a fun and exciting summer blockbuster on the grandest scale possible. if michael bay can pull this off, i will forgive him for his past cinema sins.

i have low expectations, yet high hopes for this movie. i am hoping, deep down inside, that this movie won't suck. my childhood memories depend on it. even if the movie does suck, you know that it will make a tonne of money. consider the fanbase: just think of how many kids have played with transformers, and how those kids have now grown up to be adults with jobs and families. and consider how many kids today watch the new transformers shows (the transformers have been around in one form or another since they first came out in the 80's.) basically, the studio and the hasbro toy company are looking to make a killing on this, even if it sucks. the geeks have indeed inherited the earth.

i won't be posting a youtube version of the trailer because this movie demands that you view it in glorious quicktime. click on the screenshot below to access the trailer. all i can say at this point is, "bow down, bitches!" enjoy.