the hour: it's back

the hour kicked off its third season monday night with brand new graphics, a brand new set, and a host looking to make things better than ever. yes, george stroumboulopoulos is back, his wit and good humour intact. he was so good humoured, that he wasn't afraid to bring up the fact that the summer wasn't too hot for him. of course, i am referring to abc's failed american idol rip off, the one. (perhaps rip off is too harsh a phrase. let's call it a re-invention of a music show, that just couldn't find its legs. like... at all).

all harsh criticisms aside, it's good to have the hour back. the united states has the likes of jon stewart, stephen colbert and bill maher - all entertaining to watch, all with a great perspective of politics and the world. but there's nothing like seeing the world through the lens of some genuine canadiana. and george brings that, with everything he does. from interviewing musicians to politicians and everyone in between, george and the hour give a much needed jolt of entertainment to national news coverage. i mean, i love the cbc national news because i know i can trust it; i can trust the hour as well... but i also watch it because it is quite entertaining.

at any rate, here's a brief clip of monday's show for those who don't get to see the show. here, george briefly runs through some of the major stories of the past few days with his trademark zip. by the way, you can watch a streaming feed of the previous night's shows by going to the website. do it. go watch the hour. it's like milk: it does a body good. (just, you know, minus the photos of celebrities with milk mustaches that look nothing like milk mustaches and horribly like something else...)