the streets

the streets is really just one man from the u.k., mike skinner, who basically tries to add a degree of social commentary to britain's whole garage movement. i wouldn't call it singing, i wouldn't even call it rapping. a lot of the music really just seems to be skinner's take on things from everything like relationships to drugs to getting into fights. and all this, overlaid on top of some pretty simple beats. picture a soliloquy only with beats.

skinner has two albums out, original pirate material and a grand don't come for free. both albums are amazing, with the latter one being quite the masterpiece. he's got a third one coming out this month, called the hardest way to make an easy living. i don't know how well the music and skinner's lyrics translate to the north american audience, because i really do think you had to have experienced at least a sample of the kind of night life and street culture that goes on in europe to really get the music. there's something about the basic, european street life that just doesn't compare with anything else. of course, i don't have tonnes of experience in this, but i've had my share to at least understand and feel a glimpse of what skinner rambles on about.

at any rate, below is a video of the streets' blinded by the lights. the video is just awesome.