the opposite is true

i find that the more i write this is hardcore, the more i end up deciding against the obvious. what i mean by that is, in the thriller/suspense genre these days, everything seems too obvious. for example, you know that by the end of the story, you're gonna have some sort of showdown with the main character and the big bad. usually in movies this tends to end up as a really loud, crash/bang finale where the hero gets the snot kicked out of him by the bad guy but manages to win in the end. i find myself shunning that sort of obvious decision, which i think is great, but i do admit, it steals some of the thunder away from the climax. that's okay though. i've never written anything that was "typical," so why start now?
i will state this: there will not be anything obvious in this is hardcore. at least i hope not. i'm not intending on shocking anyone, despite what the title suggests. rather, the response i'm going for is, hopefully, the kind where the reader ends up smiling at every twist and turn. i am 90 percent done the first draft, but i know that i need to do some massive rewrites to the book, so it'll be at least a good six months before i get it published. plus, i still need to reshoot the cover. six months. tops. maybe. everytime i make a prediction as to how long the book will take, it usually ends up taking longer.